Concierge and private assistance service

For partners, candidates for members and members of the World Club, a special advantage is the World Club Concierge Service program.

The World Club Concierge Service is your personal assistant, ready to provide any information you need, as well as support services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in all countries of the world.

The concierge service will help you quickly resolve many issues:

* book a table at a restaurant in one of the European capitals;

* profitable tickets for a performance you are interested in;

* delivery of flowers, gifts or documents delivery;

* plan a family trip or business event;

* call a taxi;

* provide security;

* translate documents.

Always at your service:

* transport

* hotels

* restaurants

* car rental

* travel assistance

* places of rest and leisure

* Courier services

* document translations

* organization of business events

* and much more



All information and consulting services provided by services.

Partners and candidates for Club Members pay for escort services at established rates, depending on the categories of connected services.

How to use the privileges of the Concierge Service program

* Call the phone number indicated on your card.

* Name the first 6 digits of your card and provide its details

* Tell the operator your request

You can also contact us by email

Full list of services of the program “Concierge Service”



* Information on the cost and schedule of flights and trains in the desired direction, selection of connecting flights.

* Information about VIP-lounges at the airport in Russia and abroad.

* Information about the region and prices in the desired region, room reservation.

* Personal organization of the trip route, including transfers and stops.

* Information about vaccinations, visas, countries and regions, weather, safety recommendations.



* Air tickets of all categories.

* Rent of all types of aircraft.



Organization of connections and flights to hard-to-reach areas.

* Rental of all types of helicopters.



* Organization of family vacations and other activities on yachts and liners.

* Selection of charter routes.

* Rent of all types of boats and yachts.



* Providing information about the class of cars and their availability in various companies specializing in car rental, car rental organization.

* Organization of urgent evacuation of the car to the nearest service station in case of breakdown or accident and the impossibility of repair on the spot.

* Organization of a call for assistance in case the car cannot continue to move as a result of a breakdown.



* Selection and purchase of all types of real estate.

* Real estate rental for events.

* Expertise of the state of construction objects.



* Organization of entertainment events.

* Elaboration of cultural and entertainment programs in accordance with the wishes.

* Organization of entertainment and visits to social, sports and private events around the world.

* Assistance in buying rare items and services.



* Courier delivery of documents and things to the appropriate region.

* Purchase and delivery of gifts, flowers.

* Purchase and delivery of goods and services.

* Transmission of urgent messages.



* Organization of conference calls, rental of office equipment, consulting on the norms of the business world, providing information on quotes and stock indices.

* Expertise, appraisal, purchase of works of art.

* Organization of business processes under remote control.

* Organization of comprehensive business support.

* Assistance in interpretation in any of the main languages, information about translation agencies, organization of written translation of documents.

* Assistance in case of loss of documents (passport, credit cards, etc.), Recommendations for their restoration or replacement.

* Security, escort, detectives.

* Organization of family events (birthday, anniversary, etc.).

* Organization of assistance from an electrician, plumber, locksmith.

* Information on the availability of drugs in the city’s pharmacy network, as well as providing addresses and phone numbers of pharmacies in which the necessary drugs are available.

* If the service you requested requires an advance payment or you want the Concierge-Service employees to pay for this service on your behalf, then the Concierge-Service service charges a commission for each request for one additional cost of the services you choose.